I believe in songs.
I care deeply about records.
They are portals and oracles.

I’ve had the good fortunate to produce many albums in the last 20 years. I bring keen ears and a collaborative spirit to every project. I thrive at the wild edges of roots, world, indie-pop and chamber music. In addition to making records for other artists, I’ve produced and curated over 350 songs for the Facebook Sound Collection. I’ve had the honor of working in the studio with Margaret Glaspy, Julian Lage, Tim O’Brien, Bruce Molsky, Dom Flemons, Ron Miles, Bassekou Kouyate, Arooj Aftab, Jason Lindner, Ben Sollee, Moira Smiley, Casey Driessen and many more.

For me, production is about elevating and actualizing your creative vision. It is about sustaining that vision through the innumerable decisions from developing a sonic language to choosing microphones, from editing takes to tracing the deeper emotional undercurrents in the music. I tend to work on projects where I’m creatively involved in every aspect—co-writing, arranging, choosing musicians, recording, editing, mixing and art direction. I work out of my home studio in Boulder Country, Colorado and travel regularly to studios in Denver, Brooklyn, Toronto, San Francisco or wherever the magic needs to happen. Listen below to some songs I’m most proud of. Scroll further for testimonials from folks I’ve worked with. Please reach out for a free consult about your next project.

Role: producer, engineer, arranger, Juno, Moog, OB-6, programming
To Be Still
Role: producer, engineer, guitar, Juno
Three By Three
Laura Cortese
Role: producer, engineer, arranger, programming
Oh Oh
Kyle James Hauser
Role: producer, arranger, banjo
, backup vocals
Lean In Towards the Light
Carrie Newcomer
Role: producer, arranger, banjo
Yacouba Sissoko
Role: producer, arranger
Role: producer
Baby States
Role: producer, arranger
Trio Sonata in G Minor HWV 393 II. Allegro
John Bullard
Role: producer, arranger
Kyle James Hauser
Role: producer, arranger
Grant Gordy
Role: producer, banjo

What Folks Are Saying:

Jayme Stone is not a human being, he’s a laser beam. A pure, focused stream of creativity, positivity, and productivity. Do not let the fact that he plays banjo dissuade you, he’s the real deal. Hell of a cook too.


I’ve worked with Jayme in his many different capacities as a producer, bandleader and collaborator. He has such a unique aesthetic sense and far-reaching vision. He knows how to play to everyone’s strengths in any musical situation. He has that rare knack for keeping his eye on the big goal—whether it’s making a record, a setlist, or writing a tune while he attentively digs into the mechanics of keeping the process moving forward. He always has a take that nobody else can see. Jayme’s always been very professional and, most important, a real joy to work with.


Besides bringing great musical expertise and sensitivity to the project, Jayme created a wonderful collaborative “family” community during the creation. This brought things together in a way that was musically beautiful and creative, but also very personal. This changes a recording at a very deep level. Jayme’s a consummate and talented professional with a good heart and kind spirit.


Jayme’s production on “An Evening in the Village” was invaluable. He offered endless creative arrangement ideas from rehearsal, to the studio, and into post-production. As energy invariably can flag on long and demanding studio days, he brought the perfect balance of drive, candor, and team-building to most any situation. My musicianship and ability to make better records has been tremendously expanded as a result of working with Jayme.