Career Coach

Coaching is about creating
new futures for your art,
craft and career.

I’m here to support you in creating a vibrant, sustainable, financially sound and artistically satisfying career. I advise on organization, workflow, goal-setting, team-building, band-leading, grants, contracts, design, social media, publicity and more. You speak. I listen. Together, we co-create a vision for your future. In 1:1 sessions, I can help you go anywhere—

  • Map your next career move
  • Book yourself without an agent
  • Create a successful Kickstarter
  • Plan an album release with traction
  • Re-imagine your bio
  • Unblock your creativity
  • Become a better bandleader
  • Find balance in your art, work and life
  • Get to the root of what’s holding you back
  • Include wellness and well-being in your career vision

1:1 sessions are $175/hour. I also offer a done-for-you bio-writing service and I co-created a comprehensive online course for independent musicians called Compose Your Career: Businesscraft for Musicmakers.

What Folks Are Saying:

Jayme thinks outside of the box. Always inspired by him as a musician, composer and producer (and overall human, really) his counsel in my career continues to blow open my world and the way I think about the music industry. He finds the most efficient and successful pathways to get where he wants to go and runs those paths without wavering. He is a force.


I’ve approached Jayme with questions regarding touring, gig contracts, personal branding, website building, etc, and each time, he is bursting with creative, unique ideas that are simultaneously realistic and attainable. Jayme is thoughtful, honest, personable in his approach, and genuinely excited to share with those yearning to cultivate their own creative enterprise.


Jayme helped me organize my business, get results booking my own tours and expand my network.


Jayme covers everything an independent musician needs to thrive in this matrix. As a person of color, I felt seen.


Jayme is the real deal. No platitudes or clichés about the music business; just shrewd insight into building a touring career. If you aren’t afraid of the truth or hard work, this course will move you forward. Most importantly, it gave me permission to embrace the truth about who I am musically; and the means to frame a career around that truth.