I’m Jayme Stone,
your future myth-shaper,
story-liner, brand-crafter
and copy-architect.

I will help uncover your more-than-musical story. I write bios that are poetic and memetic—as art imitates life, so your bio should echo your music. I aspire to capture the arc, texture and voice of your singular narrative so you can find a storyline that music presenters, journalists and fans can walk—a clear path that leads to your unspeakable sound. The investment in a done-for-you bio that will get you better gigs and magnetize more press is $399.

I have 25 years of experience in the music industry as a performer, touring artist, record-maker, producer, composer, educator and career coach. I’ve worked with agents, managers, presenters, curators, publicists and journalists around the world and across genres. My music has been featured on NPR, CBC, BBC and PBS and covered in the Guardian, Washington Post, LA Times, American Songwriter, Songlines, Downbeat, No Depression and more. I also offer 1:1 career coaching and I co-created a comprehensive online course for independent musicians called Compose Your Career: Businesscraft for Musicmakers.

What Folks Are Saying:

Jayme’s gift of getting to the heart of my story and drawing it out with colorful, concise and compelling prose helped me frame my project—not only to the outside world but also to myself.


I dread writing bios for myself, so I never expected the process of having Jayme write my bio to be so much fun. Not only was it a thoroughly enjoyable experience, I love the result—my bio is as unique as the music I make.


I was struggling to write objectively about my story and find a way to put a lot of big ideas together succinctly. Jayme interviewed me with genuine curiosity and crafted a beautiful bio for my upcoming record—he even unearthed some new ideas and meaning behind what I’d been trying to say but couldn’t find the words. A huge help and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.


Jayme was a huge help in re-writing a punchier bio for my band, Hot Buttered Rum. He helped me quickly pinpoint a central metaphor and find wording that resonated with me, as well as my manager, bandmates and publicist.


Jayme is a bio-whisperer.