Jayme Stone’s Folklife

Sea island spirituals, Creole calypsos and stomp-down Appalachian dance tunes.

“Jayme Stone’s Folklife” follows the bends and bayous through the deep river of song and story. Evolving out of Stone’s “Lomax Project,” this gathering of versatile musicians blows the dust off of old songs and remakes them for modern ears. With spellbinding singing, virtuosic playing and captivating storytelling, their concerts and educational programs are moving, inventive and participatory experiences. The new album will be out on Borealis Records April 7.

Jayme Stone (banjo, voice)
Moira Smiley (voice, accordion)
Sumaia Jackson (fiddle, voice)
Joe Phillips (bass, voice)

Jayme Stone’s Folklife

I Want to Hear Somebody Pray

Mwen Pas Danse

Hey, Lally Lo


A fresh contemporary take on musical treasures.

  • NPR

A truly inventive spin on some very old tunes.


A transatlantic session with blood, guts and grit.


A musical evangelist, Stone loves using fresh approaches to get people hooked on wider musical traditions.


Our audience still hasn't stopped talking about the Lomax Project! The concert was truly a joy from beginning to end: beautifully performed, charmingly presented, with much variety and clear research behind the music. The stellar performers connected deeply with our audience and it was one of the highlights of our 2015-16 season.

  • NATALIE NEUERT – UVM Lane Series, Burlington, VT

Jayme put together a wonderful ensemble that thoroughly engaged the audience with their virtuosity, musical integrity, and irrepressible charm. This concert is a presenter’s dream… great music, low tech, and passionate artists who are easy to work with and deliver the goods!

  • MERVON MEHTA – Koerner Hall, Toronto, ON

One of the best concerts in the last twenty years!

  • Market Hall Arts Center, Peterborough, ON